ACK-073: Thanedar Hasan Askari

An out of print ACK #286

Thanedar Hasan Askari, an issue devoted to an idiosyncratic, apolitical police inspector in Uttar Pradesh in the 1930s. This is the whole of what the introduction to the issue has to say about him:

Sayyad Hasan Askari was born in an affluent and renowned family of Uttar Pradesh. After a brilliant record at the Police Training College, he became an instructor at the same institute. Fourteen years later he was transferred to Kanpur as a police officer. Askari distinguished himself as a man of principle. This Amar Chitra Katha brings a few episodes in the life of this extraordinary policeman
(inside front cover).

Thanedar Hasan Askari catches dacoits (the cover shows him leaping out at them from a palanquin in which he has been posing as a woman), and embarrasses his British superiors with his independence of mind. Once, to make an obscure point, he rides a horse into a courtroom. Later, he successfully practices homeopathy. He is loved by the people. Being too honest to curry favor, he retires as a lowly thanedar.

Giriraj Shah also praised him in his book Top Cops : Biographies of World’s Top Policemen (New Delhi, Cosmo, 2002, 3 Vols., 861 p., (set). ISBN 81-7755-200-7.) .

Many many thanks to “Apoorva Chandar” for providing ACK scan.


  1. Hoho looks like I am the first one to comment on this post..checked this site at 1:00 am and i get a new post..thanks Prabhat

  2. Hello Prabhat!

    I was on e-vacation for 2 months and as soon as I returned , I visited this blog, only to get stunned and amused and happy and enchanted and.. (words fail me!!)

    Looks like this new "Avataar" of ACK is hit already.. and I see my self doing overtime for a couple of weeks to catch up the number of posts in past couple of months.. man!! there are 23 posts and may be 50 ACKs to read.. I found the treasure!!

    Once again, and as always, you guys rock!!
    now, i must go back and start reading.. :)

  3. TheBlabberingBard: Welcome! My posts generally come at 1AM. :)

  4. Dhaval: Welcome! To fulfill demands of you friends ( visitors & contributors) , I’m also doing overtime. :)

  5. Looks like I'm the late one today:)...

    I'm discovering more rare comics thanks to your blog!

    Demonoid Fan

  6. Demonoid Fan: Welcome! You are not late, link is here. :)
    I generally make post late night, that's why started scheduling in this blog 1 AM IST.

  7. The new changes are good,the blog looks really neat and classy now (not that it was ugly previously!), and it's good to see so many new "out-of-print ACK" scans.The new links and lists on the left column banner are also ideal - i'd written about that some days back, if u remember.
    Keep up the good work - and i really think that this is a great hobby (passion?!) of yours, as it brings smiles to so many people.

  8. Dr.S.Mitra: Welcome! If we share joy, it increases, but sorrow decreases. I'm lucky to have so many friends, who are helping in this project.

    I love this series. In first sight it looks we are harming the publisher, but personally know more than 10 persons (including me) who are interested to buy all ACK physical copies (once or with time) as this project started.

    Pls check response to you earlier comment too.

  9. i owned some ack during my child good ie , during the 90 s. now i am collecting it 4 my 4 yr dgter. but sad to realise that some of the precious ones are not yet reprinted.

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