ACK-006:The Magic Grove

Inside cover details

Jain monks use didactic stories to explain their philosophy that man reaps what he sows. The story of the magic grove is one such story, which illustrates that all commendable acts bring prosperity, and evil acts always end in misery.

It's a very interesting story, recommemd to read.

Many many thanks to “Ajay Misra” for providing ACK scan.


  1. Excellent story. Thanks, Prabhat & Ajay. Keep it up, friends.

  2. Jain stories are very entertaining. Love this book. Thanks a lot.

  3. I was little bit sad when I saw that this blog was abandoned soon after it gained popularity...

    It was a pleasant surprise to me when in the last week I found out that this blog is fortunately active again!! Phoenix :)

    Great work guys, keep it up.. you are really bringing back sweet childhood days to a lot of people around.. and providing a great opportunity to those who wants their children to learn about our great stories in an interesting way..
    Not to mention, I am a regular visitor of this blog.. :)

    Have a small request, if it is possible; please post some Hindi versions too

  4. deb: Welcome.

    abdul qureshi: Welcome friend.

    deepak: Glad to know, you are enjoying.

    dm: welcome. Time & tides never stops. People come & go, but life continues. I also love ACK that is why taking responsibility to run further. Whenever I have opportunity will post Hindi ACK too.

  5. Marvelous:)...

    Maybe you could post "Jataka Tales" and other stuff too....

    Keep up the good work, guys!

  6. Excellent blog. This is bringing my childhood memories back. Thanks a lot for all your efforts in scanning ACK books. Please keep more of them coming. My children are liking them and hope their children will be too!

  7. Fantastic Guys!!

    Not only do i adore you for what you are preserving I love the way you respond to every comment!!

    May i request one eternal fav of mine -- The Magic Conch--- if i remember rightly it had a dog, a donkey and a magic conch in it!!

    thanks again - and may you all prosper for your generosity!!

  8. thanx 4 da comic, 1 request can u plz upload more than 1 comic a week, as seen the last few comics in the other blog where u have posted !
    keep up the gud work

  9. Prabhat's B&C: Thanks so much for your lovely contributions !! Brings back some lovely memories.. It is very nice that there are selfless people such as youself, may your tribe increase..


  10. anon: welcome. soon "Jataka Tales" are coming.

    vijay: Welcome. All these scans were provided by friends, all thanks go to them.

    supersid: Welcome. May be you mean “The Miraculous Conch and a Game of Chess (259)”? At present we don’t have, but we will try.

    ruchi: I will try to upload more, but it will take some time. You know the reasons and plans I responded earlier, pls give me some time.

    anon: welcome. Really our tribe is increasing & hopes many more will join…..


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