Wednesday, October 1, 2008

T-1:Tinkle 256 - Folktales of south India; ACK- ; ACK-027: Gopal the jester; & ACK-028: Mystery of the missing gifts

Update: One more ACK added. Today Ajay send another ACK & requested to post for forthcoming my kids Birthday.

Today Birthday of Ajay Misra.

Dear Ajay!

In soft gleaming night of stars,
May all your dreams come true.
May every star of every night,
Bring peace and joy to you.
Happy Birthday to you.

Many many happy returns of Day!

3rd October Birthday of my twins, daughter "Aastha" & son "Harsha", that is why presenting two different series by same publisher. Hope you also like the IDEA.
Some good things come
in pairs........
Like the two of you!
Here's wishing a very
Happy 8th Birthday,
to the terrific twins.....


Tinkle is an Indian monthly comic Indian magazine, published in several Indian languages. Originally owned by the India Book House, the Tinkle brand was acquired by ACK Media in 2007. The Magazine combines comics, puzzles, quizzes, contest and other features in a unique mix targeted at school children. It is published in English and syndicated in many Indian languages.

Anant Pai was the founding editor of the magazine, who became popular among its readership as Uncle Pai. He also launched the popular ACK series.

The first issue was printed in 1980, and more than 600 issues have been printed so far. The magazine carries comic stories and regular columns of interest to school children. Tinkle enjoys great popularity, and has been an integral part of growing up in India in the last two decades. Characters like Suppandi and Shikari Shambu that appeared first in the pages of the magazine have nation wide recognition. Readers send more than 200 letters with stories and other features to be considered for printing in the magazine. The wholesome combination of educational and entertainment that defines Tinkle has many celebrity fans in India, including the former Prime Minister of India, Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Sourse of information:

Download Comics (9.31 MB)

An interesting ACK

Download Comics (5.03 MB)
An out of print ACK

Download Comics (4.95 MB)

Many many thanks to “Ajay Misra” for providing ACK scans.


  1. really awsome . thx . would you happen to have " pious cat and other tales " and " the bear comes to dinner " i would really love to read those !

  2. Hey!!
    Happy birthday to one of the great contributors.. Wish you many many happy return of the day Ajay.. :)

    And advance happy birthday to the twins, Aastha and Harsha,..

    Prabhat, I must say that this post is really refreshing after a break..
    and now is the time for my tag it goes.. :).. Great work guys, keep it up..

  3. Ajay

    wish you a happy birthday!


  4. Happy Birth Day Ajay.

    Your efforts are unparalleled in the comblogging world.

  5. And wishing a very happy birth day in advance to your Kit and Heloise (aastha and Harsha). Have a great time children. With love.

  6. Thanks Ajay & Wishing you a very happy birthday!

    A very happy birthday to your twins, Prabhat!

  7. happy b'day!!!
    and prabhat - ur postings are mind blowing! keep up the great work. urs is one of the few "really" active desi comic sites.

  8. Very Happy Birthday Misraji


  9. A very happy birthday to Aastha, Harsha and Ajay

    And thanks a lot for these gems

    The last one has bought back lots of childhood memories :-)

  10. Thanx a lot to all of you .
    I have most of ACK, u name it , I have it , only problem is so many are in bound form . . Will try for rare & out of print ACK first.

    Thanx once again , Prabhat


  11. Thanks for the wonderful comics and also
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday Dear Aastha Harsha and Ajay
    Happy Birthday to you


  12. hmmm.... now is its ajay's birthday or his childrens ???
    ne way my best wishes how to him and his family
    and thank you for the comics

  13. Thanks to all friends for warm Birthday wishes to Ajay & my kids.

    Anonymous: Actually cover was published by CW, I think he'll come back as one friend said -"Once a blogger always a blogger".

    dhaval: Welcome! Please, wait sometime I'm busy. Soon will be regular.

    Colonel Worobu: Thanks for visit.

    TPH: Welcome! Really Ajay’s support with scans with IJC & ACK is remarkable. A little correction in your wishes - Heloise and Kit (aastha and Harsha).

    deb: Welcome!

    amith nag: Welcome! Glad to know you like posts.

    Shobi: Welcome!

    ankush: Welcome!

    anonymous: Welcome!

    bharat: Welcome! Sorry friend I didn’t wrote you. I'm generally on tour at present.

    Ruchi: We are celebrating birthdays’ of Ajay & my twins.

    O.I.C: Welcome!

    கோகுல் சத்தியமூர்த்தி: Welcome!

  14. Happy Birthday to Ajay and your children. I remember how Ajay used to post his scans to me a while ago. It's been more than a year that I managed to read a comic, but I still visit this blog and a few similar blogs, and Ajay's contributions are always appreciated is this blog .

  15. Dear Prabhat,

    Warmest wishes to Aastha & Harsha; here's wishing them many many more happy returns of the day !

    Belated b'day wishes to Ajay.

    And a million^million thanks to you for your large heartedness and spirit of sharing. Thank you Sir !!


  16. ghoshbaba: Thanks! You are always welcome, keep visiting.

    sridhar: Thanks friend!

  17. This is awesome! Thanks! You should put those ad toolbars that google offers anywhere on the page... I would be glad to click on it as a way of thanks! :-D