ACK-085: Hothal

An out of print ACK #196

Inside cover story

There are stories in the Vedas and Puranas of apsaras or celestial nymphs becoming infatuated with mortals. But, in this folk-tale from Kutch, the apsara, Hothal, is fond of the earth itself. However, when she incurs the displeasure of Indra and is born in the world of mortals, change brings her face to face with Odha. Their love is the theme of this story.

Apsaras are known for their beauty and fragility. But Hothal combined beauty with bravery. In fact, it was her valour which won Odha's admiration. It came as a surprise to him that the "young man" who had won his heart, was a woman in disguise.

Even to this day the poignant story of Hothal and Odha is popular all over Gujarat.

Many many thanks to “Ajay Misra” for providing ACK scan.


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