ACK-111: Rajbala

An out of print ACK # 328

This ACK is based on "two folktales from old Sind" (now in Pakistan):

1. Rajbala (and Ajit Singh)

2. Bir Singh and Sunderbai

Rajbala & Sunderbai both dress as a male warrior.

Many many thanks to “Apoorva Chandar” for providing Amar Chitra Katha.


  1. First:)...Thanks! ACK sure digs up a lot of unknown stuff.

    Demonoid Fan

  2. I agree :) these are all hidden gems !!!

  3. Demonoid Fan: Welcome! The publisher has opened us many hidden treasures. As deep I’m digging this series is being more interesting for me.

  4. Samik: Thanks buddy! I think, folk tells will lose charm, if provided summary. ACK is already an illustration.

  5. hi prabhat

    sent u a mail sometime back has the link to scans by me... plz reply soon ..r they upto the mark or not... and thanx for new acks...

  6. Rajeev Sharma: I replied you, today again send reply. The quality of scans are fine.


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