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Special Post: Krishna (1st version of ACK # 011)

1st and 2nd print covers provided by Arun Prasad
Update (8th March 2009): This is very 1st version of  ACK #11.
Missing cover and some pages of 2nd version were used in it.
 Due to initial failure, #11 (1969) "The story of Krishna" (editor: Anant Pai; Art: "Ram Wayeekar" (pen name "Manohar Chitre") and re-released as #11 (1971?) "Krishna" (now in new series as #501).
A sensational post

Please don't confuse with earlier posted (#11). It's something different.
Just read what Ajnaabi says himself.

About this scanlation Project.
A Preface by Ajnaabi.

It all started the day when I saw the Amar Chitra Katha No.11 (Krishna) that's currently in print. As I turned those internal pages, there seems to be something different...unfamiliar for me. My childhood’s memory-blocks & my youthhood's-visualization were in conflict. ..... The Current Issue which I was holding in my hands was NOT the one my dad used to tell stories of Krishna from.... it was not the one we use to hide inside our textbook from our teachers, it was Not the one that is related with lots of my kindergarten memories. In a sense, it was NOT the Originally published Amar Chitra Katha No.11. It was an issue later Re-designed by the Artist Ram Waeerkar & was marketed as Amar Chitra Katha No.11.

Hmm.... But why ? What could be the possible cause of doing so? Isn't the artworks displayed in the Old Issue much better than this new one? At that time it occurred to me that there might be some errors in the storyline of the past issue, and hence it was redesigned. But nope, it was the same. So that checked-off my great errors-related idea.

Now the only possible cause that remained is - the cause of Redesigning was that - the pages of this Old print were lost to the world, even to India Book House themselves.

So, I checked up hither & thither in my bookshelves & lo-behold I found what I searched, “A part-damaged copy of the Real Original One”. But it was the Bengali version. The cover was almost the same as the current new one, the first two pages were part damaged, and the last two pages were missing.

That very day I decided this scanlation project from Bengali to English. I used the Inside-Front-cover as well as the last three pages from the new version to complete the storyline for New readers.

But whatever, I am happy to bring out these UNIQUE pages that's related with the History of Indian Comics....for them- whoever loves Comics like Amar Chitra Katha. Hope you ENJOYED it.

About Amar Chitra Katha No.11 (Krishna) 1967
The original printings of Amar Chitra Katha No.11 (Krishna) were not in full colour—because of budgetary constraints, the panels were printed using yellow, blue and green. Subsequent Re-Designed issue, changed to full colour. Anant Pai was the editor cum script-writer. I failed in locating The Artist's name of this past version. (The Artist of the new version was Ram Waeerkar).

I would love in calling these pages and this issue of Amar Chitra Katha as ----> THE FATHER OF ALL CENT-PERCENT DESI INDIAN COMICS.

Q: Why is Amar Chitra Katha No.11 called as the First Amar Chitra Katha ?
A: Amar Chitra Katha No.01 to No.10 was only reprinting done of Disney’s comic books like Cinderella, Showwhite etc. It was only from Ack No.11 that they started designing Original Indian comic. Krishna was the First Amar Chitra Katha.
Download Comics (33.78 MB)

It's an Ajnaabi's presentation. All thanks & credits to him only.

This time only one link, Ajnaabi is interested to check number of interested persons in such unique projects. Enjoy!


  1. This is truly sensational. Thanks Ajnaabi and Prabhat!

  2. Amazing! Thanks Ajnabi, for taking the time to share this comic with the rest of the world.

    And yes, we ACK fans are definitely interested in seeing more of this stuff.

    Demonoid Fan

  3. And yes of course, thanks for the great blog Prabhat:)

    Demonoid Fan

  4. Excellent! Thanks for the research and the significant addition to both Indian and worldwide comics history!

  5. thanx prabhat... is it really an ack... i wont be too sure... this is the third version of krishna that i m seeing...

  6. absolutely amazing. the very first purely Indian ACK..simply unbelievable..

    amazing effort.really appreciate it.

    would love to see more of these in the future.

    thank you ajnaabi and prabhat...

  7. Friends! Joint efforts are giving wonderful results. Yesterday, our friend John Thompson ( had forwarded one article (

    From article: "Krishna, the first title, was a hit, but the rationalist Uncle Pai had scrupulously eliminated the Krishna miracles. The readers would have none of it-what was the Krishna story without him lifting the mountain Govardhan on his little finger? "The revised edition included
    the miracle, and in subsequent editions the miracles became more prominent and the mountain bigger,'' she said to general laughter. Krishna has sold more than 11 lakh copies and been translated into, among 38 other languages, Swahili and Serbo Croat."

    BUT I found mistake about another issue in this article.

    "In fact, after the medieval heroines like the Rani of Jhansi the next woman to be featured is the late NASA scientist Kalpana Chawla."

    #51 (1974) Rani of Jansi - new number 539

    Kalpana Chawla was published after 1990.

    REST information, we are checking. If it's true, we would like to find third KRISHNA.


    I’ll change information after a proof. I think all friends understand, we are investigating & invite to investigate all about it. IF ANY ONE WOULD FIND THAT VERY ISSUE, PLS INFORM.

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  9. Demonoid Fan: Welcome buddy!

  10. William: Welcome friend! Glad to you liked. It’ll motivate us to dig further about authentic informations.
    In fact I’m motivated & inspired by you & your book [William B. Jones Jr.; Author; Classics Illustrated: A Cultural History; (McFarland & Co., Publishers)]. I don’t have a power in pen like you, but trying to search more information. With time we will expand topic of this blog to the world’s history & mythology.
    Thank you very much for motivation.
    With regards,

  11. Rajeev Sharma: Welcome Friends! Pls check the link of article given above. Looks there were three versions published. :)

  12. Apoorva Chandar: Welcome buddy! You always encourage all friends. Thank you very much. Like you friendly attitude as well as amazing desire to share. Just keep this light on as longer as possible.

  13. @Rajeev Sharma: Is this your third Krishna ?

  14. This is truly incredible. Many thanks to you, Ajnaabi and Prabhat!

  15. Thanks Ajnaabi and Prabhat!
    Keep up the good work.

  16. Anonymous: Welcome! I hope there is only three Krishna. Pls check article: :)))

  17. Hello, thanks for that wonderful article. I was trying to replace all my tearing Amar Chitra Kathas for my future children, and I noticed the Krishna was different. I don't have the name on the old issue (that page is torn/missing), but I believe it is Ram Waerkar's art as well.

  18. @Anjali: This is really different from current available version.

  19. Download not available! Could you please reupload it? (I recommend 4shared...)