Sunday, March 22, 2009

ACK-108: The Nawab's Diwan and Other Tamil Tales

An out of print ACK # 368

If you like can post summary.

Many many thanks to “Apoorva Chandar” for this rare ACK.


  1. Thanks Apoorva Chandar and Prabhat
    Had not read this one earlier and Vidyut Chora too.

  2. Thank U Prabhat. I dont know where u get these comics from... I used to read the ACK's when I was a kid, but missed these... Thank u so much again for all the hard work and effort that ur putting in.... I dont know how u manage this all... Maybe its ur love for Indian culture and ACK's..!!!

  3. Samik: Welcome! It's our "Apoorva” who provided this rare gem. He’s busy with his MD entrance exams. Hope his labour & our well wishes open him gates of the best institutes of India.

    God is great, I wish one friend, and he always sends me ten. Two more friends joined us & IJC project is near to be completed, Ajay’s treasures will be open for all friends.