ACK-107: Vidyut Chora

An out of print ACK # 330

Vaddaradhane by Shivakotiacharya is the earliest extant prose work in Kannada. It is a didactic work consisting of nineteen stories and is based on Harisena's bruhat hari katha kosha. It gives a detailed description of the life of Bhadrabahu of Shravanabelagola. The work is dated to the 9th century but some scholars advance a pre-sixth century date for the work. Based on internal evidence, it is suggested that Shivakotiacharya may have been a native of Kogali, in the Bellary district of modern Karnataka.

The list of 19 stories are

  1. Story of Sukumara swamy
  2. Story of SukaushaLa swamy
  3. Gajakumara
  4. Sanathkumara prince
  5. Annii kavrutha
  6. Bhadrabhau bhatarara
  7. Lalithaghate
  8. Dharmaghosha
  9. Siridhinnia bhatarara
  10. Vrushabha sena bhatarara
  11. Karthika rishi
  12. Abhayaghosha rishi
  13. Vidyuthchoraa rishi
  14. Gurudatta bhatarara
  15. Chilata putra
  16. Dandaka rishi
  17. Mahendradattacharyaand
  18. Chanakya rishi
  19. Vrushabhasena rishi
(~ From Wikipedia)

P.S.: 1. Jains heavily used Jain Prakrit (Magadhi Prakrit) terms in their works. As such Kannada works do show heavy influence in the literature. Though very few of them have become part of native parlance.

2. The Idli and Dosa of Southern India each have a long history, though not every detail can be clearly traced. The idli seems to be first mentioned in writing in Shivakotyacharya's 'Vaddaradhane'.

Many many thanks to “Apoorva Chandar” for this rare ACK.


  1. Great work and great story. Had forgotten all about this story and the original kannada literary work vaddaradhane, until I read this comic. Now it all comes back. Great job preserving Indian culture and heritage thru these comics - First Uncle Pai and ACK and now, Prabhat and team, by propagating these stories and making sure that they are not lost to future generations!
    This also took me back to school days when we used to read stories from the Katha Sarith Sagara/Brihat katha as part of our sanskrit curriculum. I remember, there was one comic based on Katha... "Manduka the lucky astrologer", posted on this blog. Are there any other ACKs based on this great literary work?

  2. Dear JP: Glad to know you like it. These are many ACK based on other literary works, but as I remember on this no more. I'm not sure, pls check John's site (link in this blog). There is short notes after every ACK. Being a not Indian what he had done, it's amazing. His list is most authentic than any list at net.
    We are mainly concentrating on out of print ACK. The running series one can buy any time. This month many more are coming & an important notice will be followed pls check blog at least once till 31th March.

  3. thanx prabhat... sent u a mail at ur gmail id plz check


  4. Prabhat and Apoorva Chandar,

    What to say! It has been raining great ACKs from Friday or so! Ramanuja, Madhvacharya and now this!

    Demonoid Fan

  5. Hey Prabhat!
    Nice to see this blog.. I never knew there were multiple ACK blogs!

    I think this is a great blog.. Count my name on regular visitors

    (BTW, let me know your other IJC and ACK blog URLs..)

    And this goes without a saying.. Great work and great post..

  6. Rajeev Sharma: Thanks for visit & your mail. It's simply great. Pls wait for my reply mail. :)

  7. Demonoid Fan: You know a long list was hanging since Jan-Feb. If you download and extract a scan from HQ scans (SR- I create and upload before posting, so it'll not give proper information), you would find yourself when these were scanned. I always shared coming scans with team members, they always knew without a single word date of scans.
    I decided to post all as promised & to make space for new coming scans. Our team is increasing day by day. :)

  8. Dhaval: Welcome friend!

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